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Here at Online Casinos California you will find all the information you need, before you register and start playing at an online casino in CA. We list California’s best online casinos, so you can easily compare and find the best one for you. Play online for real money at CA online casinos.

CA online casino

California is a state that is very liberal when it comes to gambling laws. But we can not yet see a gambling law for online casino or online poker. This is of course unfortunate, but given their liberal stance on gambling, it is not impossible that CA online casinos will open in the near future.

Until then, there are several different places where you can play at. You will find, among other things, several Card Rooms, where you can play without the “house” winning.

In addition, there are specific casinos for you who like to play at slot machines. You will not find these in the regular Card rooms, so you must look for a so-called Tribal Casino.

Online casino with real money in California

Playing online at casinos is something that has not yet been legalized in the state of California. But fortunately this is something that many are expected to see coming in the near future.

We will constantly update you with new information from the authorities regarding online gambling and the laws surrounding it. So to know more about when and how you can play for real money at an online casino in California, we recommend that you check in here from time to time.

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Best California Online Casinos

Hopefully we will soon be able to list the best online casinos in California here. So that you easily can compare the different online casinos and find the best one according to your preferences.

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We assure you that you will have access to the best gaming providers in the world. Which will make your gaming experience the best.

California Casino Bonus

Compare to find the best bonuses, with the lowest wagering requirements. Enjoy cashbacks, deposit bonuses and much more. Because playing at CA online casino, should pay off.

Fast withdrawals in California

Get access to your profit within minutes. We list all online casinos in California that offer fast withdrawals.

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Best online gambling sites in California

Because online casinos in California are not yet legal. It will be difficult for us to list the best online gambling sites in California. But as soon as this is changed, unfortunately we do not know when. Then we will present the best online gambling sites in California, here for you to take part of.

Online Sportsbetting in California

The latest news we have about online gambling is about sports betting. Tribes is now collecting signatures for a petition that they hope to be able to include in the 2022 ballot. If the proposal were to pass, it would legalize sports betting in tribal landings.

Gambling online in CA with real money.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to gamble online in CA with real money. But California offers a number of gaming opportunities for its players, including so-called Card Rooms and Tribal Casinos. These are obviously physical places that you as a player need to go to, but the opportunity for real money gambling in California exists.

In addition, the following forms of gambling are legal in California.

  • Lottery
  • Pari-Mutuel
  • Tribal
  • Racetracks
  • Charitable
  • Commercial

Where can I play online without risking to lose any money?

Gambling online should be both fun and rewarding. Of course, it should not be circumstantial or affect one negatively. There are many benefits to playing online, including the huge bonuses and the greatness of being able to play anywhere at anytime.

We therefore long extra until California decides to open up online casinos, so that you citizens of the state can enjoy the beauty of online casinos. Until then, we recommend several online sites that offer online casino in California without you as a player losing any money.

So they are social gaming sites, where you play with virtual money. Then you get both the exercise and the opportunity to pass the time away from home.

Why play online in California?

The best thing with playing online at a California Online Casino is that you can play at any time during the day.


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The online casino industry provides top quality games from the best game makers in the world.


Play anywhere you want at anytime

Get the chance to play anywhere at anytime with CA online casinos.


Big bonuses for all players

California online casinos with big bonuses for all players.


California Mobile Casino

California mobile casino is something that is hugely in demand by residents as well as visitors in the state. More and more people are starting to open their eyes to mobile casinos and their games, but the state has not yet chosen to legalize online gambling.

This is of course sad, but certainly not something that is impossible to see in the future. Therefore, we will go through everything you need to know about California mobile casino, until the legalization of online gambling takes place.

Mobile casino apps in California

Mobile casino apps in California are not impossible to find, the only question is whether they are legal or not. Mobile casino apps with real money games are not legal in California, but with that said, there are still operating gaming sites that offer games for California residents.

These are illegal and we do not recommend anyone to play on these mobile casino apps in California. Instead, as a resident or visitor to the state, you should stick to the social casinos or sweepstakes that are legal. We fully understand that you are longing for mobile casinos in CA, but registering at an unlicensed casino can involve risks for your players.

By risks we mean that you have no protection from the state when you play on these. Should a dispute between players and gaming companies arise, no help from the state can be obtained. Keep it up, play at social casinos, sweepstakes or land-based until online casinos in California are legalized.

Register at a mobile casino in CA

Although mobile casinos in California are not legal, there is nothing that says we can not prepare you for a possible legalization. And this is exactly what we will do in the following guide!

Registration at a mobile casino in CA, bonuses, payment methods but also so much more are a handful of the things we will go through. But we start with the registration.

Registering at a mobile casino in CA is both easy and very fast. The registration is made in the form of you as a new player filling in a short form. It helps the online casino in CA to verify your identity and location, as only players in states where online casinos are legal are allowed to play.

Among other things, you will need to provide the following information about yourself when you register at a mobile casino in CA:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

When everything is filled in, it is time for you to choose a possible username and password, which you want at the chosen mobile casino in California.

Best mobile casino apps 2024

Today, there are several gaming companies that have licenses in the states where online casinos are legalized. These gaming companies have long been on the international market, and know exactly what players want and are looking for.

The best mobile casino apps 2024are collected from several states, where our players have been able to test and review the apps. Our list of the best mobile casino apps, is continuously updated as more and more states open up and players find new favorites.

Best mobile casino apps 2024:

  • SugarHouse Online Casino
  • Golden Nugget Online Casino
  • DraftKings Online Casino
  • William Hill Online Casino
  • FanDuel Online Casino


CA casino bonus

We love bonuses, and we know you players in California do too. So it is not a bit strange that you are looking and trying to find CA casino bonus, unfortunately you will have to look for a while before results are found.

Then why is there no CA casino bonus? Well, because bonuses for casinos almost always apply to online casinos. You will therefore most likely not find a bonus at a land-based casino. But if that’s the case, feel free to tell us, because we also want that bonus!

All online casino bonuses in CA

But as I said, bonuses only apply to online casinos, and that’s not so strange. It is so much easier to hand out all the online casino bonuses in CA over the internet than at a physical casino.

All online casino bonuses in CA will be collected here, as soon as the state legalizes online casinos and when the gaming companies start to open their operations. But until then, as I said, we thought we would go through what different bonuses there will be, what they mean and how to actually get a CA casino bonus!

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses are the bonuses that you will see appear at almost all online casinos in the event of legalization in California. They are by far the most common welcome bonuses, not only in the United States but around the world.

But what is a deposit bonus? Well, a deposit bonus is a bonus that is only released when a new player makes a deposit at the online casino. It usually consists of the online casino matching the deposit up to a certain amount. The match can be between 50-100%, which means that you can get twice as much to play for at an online casino in California.

In addition to that, the gaming companies also usually throw in some extra deposit bonuses, so that you can even get extra on your second or even third deposit with them. Some free spins can also be included in welcome bonuses.

Free spins

Free spins are then a bonus that is not usually an independent welcome bonus, but something that usually comes with other bonuses as an extra part.

But what are free spins then? Well, that’s just how it sounds and what one might think it is. There are free spins on selected slot games at the online casino in question. They give you as a player, a chance to try out new slots and an opportunity to win money without having spent any of your own!


Cashbacks are among the most unusual welcome bonuses, but among the best to actually get. With these, you as a player can make a deposit, play and if you lose, you get your money back. But why are they so rare then? Well, because this is actually money that often does not need wagering – so replay. Without money that can be taken out again, if desired.

Wagering requirements are something that all online casinos have, but which differ from gaming company to gaming company. You will find what applies to bonuses at the selected online casino under their Terms and Conditions.

Get California online casino bonus

By scrolling up to our comparison list above, you will be able to compare and get California online casino bonus. Once legalized, we will present all online casinos licensed to operate in California. And with the help of our filtering tools, you can filter on the biggest bonuses, minimum deposit requirements or other important factors for you.

All for you to find the best online casino in California and for you to be able to get California online casinos bonus easily.


Casino games online in CA

In the near future, there will be a number of different online casino games in CA, ie if / when the state chooses to legalize online casinos. Among these games you will find your favorite table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker but also hundreds of different slots from top manufacturers around the world.

Read more about slots, poker and other fun in our following guide.

Poker online in California

Poker online in California is one of the most popular types of games in the state. This is because the game itself has a wide clientele, with everything from beginners to professional players, to those interested in poker or those who just want to pass the time.

Poker online in California, may be presented to residents shortly depending on how recently submitted bills are received. But unfortunately we do not dare to hope too much, but expect that the state will unfortunately still be against it. For you poker lovers, we recommend the land-based casinos or Zynga Poker which is a big favorite among the social poker sites. With them, you do not risk losing any of your own money, but play with virtual coins without value.

Slots online in California

Slots online in California, works well if you stick to social or so-called Sweepstakes Casinos. If you try to play slots online in California with real money, however, it will be a problem.

There are online casinos which, although illegal, target gamblers living in California. We do not recommend that you residents play on these, but that you stick to social, land-based or sweepstakes which today are the only legal places to play slots in the state.

Slots is a big favorite among players around the world. Mostly because it is so incredibly easy to play, and requires no prior knowledge of the game. The game involves you as a player spinning on a “machine”, where the goal is to get several of the same symbol in a row. As I said, it is a game that does not require prior knowledge, but simply mostly depends on luck.

Best slots 2024

Today, there are an incredible number of slot games on gaming sites around the world. But we have listed the best slots games in 2024, where you as a player get the most money back.

  • Nolimit City
  • Knockout Diamonds
  • Book Of Kingdoms
  • Cowboys Gold
  • Book Of Dead

Top 3 CA Casino

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Draftkings CaliforniaUp to $1,025

Is online casinos legal in California?

The gambling law in California is very liberal and they have legalized several different games with money for the citizens of the state. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, there has been no law allowing companies to open online casino businesses in California.

However, it is not illegal for you to play online at a casino that is not within the state’s borders. But, we do not recommend that you do so, as we believe that the state will still open up for online casinos soon.

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Soon you’ll be able to read more about all the online casinos in CA.

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Have Any Questions?

FAQ’s Online Casinos California

Is online gambling legal in California?

It is yet not legal with online casino and gambling in California.

Which CA online casino offers PayPal as a payment method?

Thus it’s not yet legal with online gamling in CA, there is no gambling platform that offers Paypal for citizens of California.

Can I play and win real money at an online casino in California?

California has not legalized gambling. Therefore, you can not yet play with real money within the state.

Can I play slots online in California?

It is not yet possible for yout to play slots online in the state of California.